An Auto Repair Shop with a Rich History in Wichita

L&M Auto Repair first opened its doors in 1967 as a general auto repair facility under Leon (“L”) and Marge (“M”) Woods, who called the shop L&M Shocks & Trailer Hitches. The Woods family provided excellent automotive services to the Wichita community for nearly three decades, until they decided to retire. They sold the shop to Howard and Betty Marquis in 1995. Howard had worked in the shop since its opening, and he and Betty continued L&M’s tradition of offering quality auto repair to Wichita drivers.

By continuing a tradition of auto repair excellence, we’re moving the past into the present.

Caleb Shrout came on the scene about 20 years ago, when he started working for Howard as a teenager. His passion for vehicles started at a very young age, with his first real “build”—a 1954 F100, which he not only still has, but continues to use as his daily driver! While on summer breaks from college, Caleb continued to work for L&M, and during the school months, he would fix vehicles for other students in the parking lot on campus. He called his business 5ive 4 Auto after his beloved 1954 F100.

Toward the end of college, Caleb realized he wanted to give running his own automotive business a shot, and his passion for vehicles was (and continues to be) the driving force to make that happen! After earning his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and marrying his wife, Erin, the couple moved back to Wichita to buy L&M. (Howard was very happy to pass on the shop, knowing it would be in good hands. And he could finally retire!) On September 20, 2006, Caleb’s dream became a reality when the Shrout family became L&M’s sole owners.

L&M Auto Repair Auto Repair Shop

Fun Fact

We mentioned Caleb drives a 1954 F100 he restored himself. Well, before Caleb and Erin got married, he wanted to share with her his love of hot rods, so he built her a 1948 Plymouth Deluxe. Erin uses the Deluxe as her daily driver, toting kids to school, lessons, and extra-curricular activities. She gets a lot of interested looks wherever she goes!

Our Mission at L&M Auto Repair

Here at L&M Auto Repair, we strive to provide honest, quality repairs done right the first time. Open since 1967, we care about our community, our customers, and giving them a safe, reliable vehicle they can trust.

Meet Our Auto Repair Team

At L&M Auto Repair, we work together as a team to deliver the best customer service, repairs, and final product to you when you bring your vehicles to our shop. We stand by our work, and always do what we say we will.

  • Caleb

    Caleb grew up in a close-knit, military family that lived all over the country. (In fact, one thing that stayed with him wherever they went was his love of cars.) Since the age of 15, Caleb has been building and tinkering with his own personal hot rod, a 1954 F100—a passion that lives on till this day. As the owner of L&M Auto Repair (for 10 years and counting), Caleb has expanded the shop from a 5-bay garage to an 8-bay facility with a beautiful, family-friendly waiting room. He now has 20 years of experience diagnosing tough issues, and working with customers to meet their vehicle needs.

  • Erin
    ErinOffice Manager, Marketing & PR

    Erin was born in Olathe, KS, but moved to Wichita when she and Caleb got married. She has always managed the shop's finances and assisted with office tasks. Erin brings a strong energy to the shop, and helps Caleb dream big and put actions into place to make those dreams become a reality. Her focus is marketing and advertising to reach new customers and keep current customers coming back.

  • RichLead Technician / Shop Foreman
    Rich is a long time mechanic with over 40 years of experience.  Being ASE master certified, he has a wealth of knowledge that he contributes to the team.  Rich is a big family man, and loves spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren. If he could build any car, it would be a 1970 Chevelle SS 396, which was his first car.  His dream vacation would be to tour a Lamborghini and Ferrari manufacturing plan or to go to the beach.   Rich has 3 dogs that he loves – Layla, Dakota and Tommy. In his spare time, he helps coach volleyball with his daughter. Rich leads the production team and does a great job!
  • Mychal
    MychalService Technician

    Mychal has been on the team at L&M for a few years and is ASE certified. He has been working on cars for about 16 years. If he could own any vehicle, it would be a 2002 Nissan Skyline GTR-R-34. With a big passion for learning, Mychal enjoys researching topics he is interested in and soaking up as much information as possible. His dream vacation would be to do a backpack trip through Europe. If you sat down to eat pizza with him, he would choose meat lovers because he says veggies are over rated. We love having Mychal on the team!

  • Larry
    LarryService Technician

    Larry has been fixing cars professionally for over 8 years and is ASE master certified. His specialty is European and Asian vehicles and hybrids. He loves being a mechanic because it is an escape from reality for him to build or fix something that was broken and to feel the success of making a car run perfectly. A cool fact about Larry is that he has raced Farmtruck from the 405 – he said it was an amazing experience. He has two dogs, Maggie and Longhorn, and loves eating Hawaiian pizza. If he could choose any vehicle to drive it would be a 1987 Buick GNX.

  • FrankLead Service Advisor

    Frank has been apart of the automotive service industry for the last 25 years.  He started at his uncle’s dealership as a detailer, and quickly moved to sales, and finally to service.  Frank has never met a stranger!  He loves getting to know customers and doing his very best to help them.  In his spare time, he enjoys going fishing and going to the gym to workout.  If he could travel anywhere, he would go to Italy and enjoy his favorite pizza, supreme pizza.  Frank’s hidden talent is that he can sing and dance like Elvis.   He has lived in many places including Texas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Florida and even Canada.  If you want your day to be a little brighter, come in and see Frank while your vehicle is being serviced!

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    What kind of team member we seek:

    • GREAT attitude
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